SHOW: EX-VERBA – LITCRAWL Oct. 19th at 7:15pm sharp

thumbs_lcsmbugWe are thrilled to be curating this event at LitCrawl in San Francisco this year.

Ex-verba means “from words” (we think. roughly). So for LitCrawl we dreamed up this one-of-a-kind show of non-poems made from poems.


Jorrit Poelen’s projections of distorted, noisy collages of animated images – MADE FROM LETTERS OF POEMS! – onto skin, screens, walls, and floors using “Pooks,” a custom-built visual instrument.

Live performances of songs from Pink Thunder, Michael Zapruder’s project of songs made from awesome poems by living American poets. EX-VERBA

Daniel Redman’s settings of Walt Whitman’s queer epic Leaves of Grass to song. EX-VERBA

Exray’s live performance, based on their multi-genre Exray’s XII project. EX-VERBA


See some Pink Thunder portmanteaus, interactive music player/visual art objects that play one of the Pink Thunder songs and disply an object conjured from the world of that poem. EX-VERBA

Mark your calendrinos for SATURDAY OCTOBER 19th!


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