The Complicator Vol. 21 – Repeated Listening


Greetings listeners!

I was talking to our podcast maestro Kevin Seal yesterday about these posts, and about the great responses you have all been posting; and Kevin suggested this very cool topic.

It’s about repeat listening, and the effect it has on how you experience music.

In your experience, what’s the difference between listening to a song the first time and listening to it for the second, third, fourth, or fiftieth time?

More questions: have you ever heard something that completely failed to interest you on the first listen, which later ended up being a very important piece of music to you? Have you ever listened to a song so much that you got sick of it? What’s going on there?

And for this week’s bonus round (and a preview of next week’s topic): do you think that the way a song changes with repeated listening is in any way related to where that piece of music might fit into the spectrum that goes from entertainment to art?

My hat is off to you for your great replies. Thanks in advance for this week’s contributions!


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