The Complicator Vol. 19 – What Music Would You Make?


Keeping the survey train rolling…

I found myself wondering, as I dimmed into sleep last night, about what music those of you who do not play music would make, if you could (I know that many of you DO make music. This week’s post isn’t really for you directly, though I’d think any musician would be curious about this).

As I started to drift, I became completely absorbed in trying to imagine how non-musicians dream about music. I’m so curious to hear what sorts of bands or records or music our non-musician friends would get into if they could.

So, non-musicians (I do wish I had a better term than that): can you describe it to me?

In what genre would you work? Would you try to innovate? How? What do you think it would be like, not just to be a musician, but to actually play music? How would it feel?

Those of us who make music professionally, who are immersed in it all the time, pride ourselves on our ability to listen. In fact, many of us believe that it’s the listening, and not the sound, that makes the music and the musician.

We’re listening now.


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