The Complicator Vol. 18 – Why Do You Reject a Song?


Hey all,

Thanks for the voluminous replies to last week’s post! It’s good to know that we’re having an impact on peoples’ musical worlds, and it’s even better to see how varied that impact is. The music does something different to everyone, I suppose…

Last week’s post went so well that I thought I’d follow up with a slightly thornier survey this week.

When you’re listening to Pandora and a song comes up that doesn’t seem like it belongs (yes, it does happen!), can you describe in detail what’s happening, within your listening, that brings you to that evaluation?

I’m asking for your internal mental play-by-play. Is the music you reject amateurish? Is it not the style you expected? Is there some deeper “inner ear” that makes the judgement?

Please give me a window into your aesthetic worlds…


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