The Complicator Vol. 10 – Music as Data File – Does Familiarity Breed Contempt?


Well, although the RIAA and Sound Exchange are foolishly working their hardest to cripple internet radio, the beat does go on here at Pandora, which means it’s time for another Play Listen Repeat discussion.

This isn’t like fiddling while Rome burns, or like the band playing while the Titanic goes down; let’s think of it more like having a fascinating conversation while we’re waiting in line to dunk our grammar school principal in one of those dunking machines.

Dunk Tank(1).jpg

Here’s what’s on the curator’s mind today: is the easy availability of music as digital files, and is the fundamental similarity those files have with other digital files like emails, taxes, word documents, and such, an aesthetic liability for the music?

In other words, are we seeing the supermodel without her makeup on? Or are we simply getting past the surface so that we can have a real relationship with the music, free of myths and posturing?

Do tell.


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