Oh the Remiss-ness! Press and News Roundup (for the last month or so)

Peaceful TricksMost recent and arcane news first: I just put the finishing touches on Peaceful Tricks, an 8-minute piece for clarinet, violin, cello and piano. It’s going to get a reading next month by a great ensemble!

Also, Pink Thunder had a very happy December/January. Word is getting out, thanks in part to these folks for writing about it:

Seth Abramson’s fantastically enthusiastic review at the Huffington Post,

David Ulin’s also-enthusiastic blog post at the L.A. Times’ Jacket Copy blog,

The Boston Globe’s The Best Poetry Books of 2012, which ranked Pink Thunder first (!) on the list,

Scott Pinkmountain’s visionary Dear People of the Future piece in HTMLGiant, which was originally part of the book’s introduction but which ended up growing so robust and healthy that it became a (wonderful) thing on its own,

Steven Karl’s generous post with pictures of the book and record, and

Poetry Crush, which put Pink Thunder on its Holiday Crush list.

We have a bunch of events coming up in the next two months which I’ll post about in more detail soon. We’ll be in New York, Northampton, Boston, Chicago and Iowa City! For now, you can see the basics on the calendar page.

And one last bit of exciting news: the Pink Thunder in Portmanteaus art show will be traveling to one of the cities mentioned above in March/April! I’m so excited!! More on that soon.


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