Here are some recordings from my albums.

Pink Thunder (Black Ocean Books / The Kora Records, 2012)

Pennsylvania - Song made from the collaborative poem by Joshua Beckman, Anthony McCann, Travis Nichols, and Matthew Zapruder.

Florida – Song made from the poem “Florida” by Travis Nichols. The text was not changed at all. A father, a son, the stars, ocean, spider eggs.

Here’s a video of “Florida” from Pink Thunder:

YouTube Preview Image

Director: Jesse Yules

Civics – Song made from the poem “Civics” by David Berman.

Dragon Chinese Cocktail Horoscope (SideCho Records, 2009)

Happy New Year – This is a musical portrait and vignette of a guy who’s not where he should be. It has a hemiola in it, which, if used properly, is not a disease even though it sounds like it is.

Ads for Feelings – This is not about advertising. It’s about a Kelly Clarkson song and tech companies. Musically inspired by Neu! and Tropicalia.

Here’s a video of “Ads for Feelings” from Dragon Chinese Cocktail Horoscope:

YouTube Preview Image

Director: Jesse Yules

Harbor Saints – They say that behind every fortune is a little larceny (something like that). Behind every life is a little death, and everyone can use a little forgiveness.

New Ways of Letting Go (Howells Transmitter 2006)

The Alchemist – The song of the local obsessive who collects debris and detritus around town, to use in his experiments. With cornet, trombone, and strings.

Butterfield’s and Baker’s – He is obsessed with a store.

This is a Beautiful Town (Ex/Or Records, 2002)

Little Ship Bluebell - The children mutiny and take over the ship, like Lord of the Flies at sea. Db major. Trivia: recorded on Neil Young’s piano.

This is a Beautiful Town - Walking around town just after it rains, and shortly after realizing that life may not go on forever. The old days start to seem like a noteworthy history.