Here is a list of selected compositions. If you are interested in purchasing or renting a score or parts, please use the contact page to get in touch.


  • Ten Random Numbers (2015, in progress)
    Duration: ca. 15 mins. solo piano
  • Sonata-Étude (2013)
    Duration: ca. 8 mins.


  • Understory for Guitar Trio and Electronics
    Duration: ca. 9 minutes. 3 gtr,, electronics
    World Premiere April 7, 2016 Austin, TX
    Composed for Texas Performing Arts Sound in Sculpture Concert
  • Tritone Arch for String Quartet (2014)
    Duration: ca. 5 mins. 2 vln., vla., vlc.
    World Premiere October 2014, Seattle, WA
    Winner, Seattle Composers Alliance International Call for Scores for String Quartet
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  • How You Found It (2014, revised 2015)
    Duration: ca. 12 mins. Four Movements.
    tpt., hn., tbn., pno.
    World Premiere July 2014, Fairbanks AK
  • Fits (2014)
    Duration: ca. 18 mins. Three Movements.
    picc., fl., cl., b. cl., vln., vla., vlc., pno.
    World Premiere May 2014, Hayward, CA
    Commission from the 2014 Glenn Glasow Graduate Fellowship in Composition
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  • Peaceful Tricks (2013)
    Duration: ca. 10 mins.
    cl., vln., vlc., pno.
    World Premiere May 23, 2013 Hayward, CA
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  • Golden (2017)
    Duration: 45 mins.
    4 singers, Pierrot ensemble, percussion, electronics

Vocal (Chamber, Art Song, Choral):

  • Polysong (2017)
    Duration: 9 mins.
    fl., cl., bsn., 3 altos, baritone, steel-string guitar, pitch pipes
  • Circle of Light (2015, in progress)
    Duration: ca. 18 mins. SATB chorus, pitch pipes
  • Bock’s Animals (2013)
    Four songs on poems by Kristin Bock
    Duration: ca. 6 mins.
    bass., pno.

Large Ensemble:

  • Moves (2016)
    Duration: 10 mins.
  • Verlorenlied (2012)
    Tone Poem for Wind Ensemble
    Duration: ca. 10 mins.
    2 fl. (1 dbl. picc.), 2 ob. (1 dbl. E.h.), 3 cl., b. cl., bsn., 2 alto sax., ten. sax., bari. sax., 4 hn., 3 tpt., 3 tbn., b. tbn., euph., tba., pno., 4 perc.


  • Right Brain/Left Brain (2015)
    Duration: variable. Max/MSP patch, Wiimote, TouchOSC
  • Cupcake Music (2014)
    Duration: variable. Pure Data patch + Reactivision.
    Four toy cupcakes and computer.
    World Premiere December 2013, Hayward, CA

Fixed Media:

  • Element of Blank (2016)
    Quadrophonic Fixed Media
    World Premiere May 8, 2016
    Composed for Texas Performing Arts Ears Eyes and Feet concert