Here is a list of selected compositions. If you are interested in purchasing or renting a score or parts, please use the contact page to get in touch.

You can listen to performances of some of my chamber pieces here. Links to view scores are below the music player.

  1. Fits (2104) Michael Thomas Zapruder 19:17
  2. How You Found It (2014-2015) Michael Thomas Zapruder 15:58
  3. Peaceful Tricks (2013) Michael Thomas Zapruder 9:30
  4. Tritone Arch for String Quartet (2014) Michael Thomas Zapruder 7:27

Fits (2014) – View Score (will open in a new window)
Peaceful Tricks (2013) – View Score (will open in a new window)
Tritone Arch for String Quartet (2014) – View Score  (will open in a new window)

List of Compositions:


  • Ten Random Numbers (2015, in progress)
    Duration: ca. 15 mins. solo piano
  • Sonata-Étude (2013)
    Duration: ca. 8 mins.


  • Hooptie (2017)
    Duration: 7 mins.
    fl., cl., electric guitar, d.b., pno.
  • Understory for Guitar Trio and Electronics
    Duration: ca. 9 minutes. 3 gtr., electronics
    World Premiere April 7, 2016 Austin, TX
    Composed for Texas Performing Arts Sound in Sculpture Concert
  • Tritone Arch for String Quartet (2014)
    Duration: ca. 5 mins. 2 vln., vla., vlc.
    World Premiere October 2014, Seattle, WA
    Winner, Seattle Composers Alliance International Call for Scores for String Quartet
    View Score
  • How You Found It (2014, revised 2015)
    Duration: ca. 12 mins. Four Movements.
    tpt., hn., tbn., pno.
    World Premiere July 2014, Fairbanks AK
  • Fits (2014)
    Duration: ca. 18 mins. Three Movements.
    picc., fl., cl., b. cl., vln., vla., vlc., pno.
    World Premiere May 2014, Hayward, CA
    Commission from the 2014 Glenn Glasow Graduate Fellowship in Composition
    View Score
  • Peaceful Tricks (2013)
    Duration: ca. 10 mins.
    cl., vln., vlc., pno.
    World Premiere May 23, 2013 Hayward, CA
    View Score


  • Golden (2017)
    Duration: 45 mins.
    4 singers, Pierrot ensemble, percussion, electronics

Vocal (Chamber, Art Song, Choral):

  • Polysong (2017)
    Duration: 9 mins.
    fl., cl., bsn., 3 altos, baritone, steel-string guitar, pitch pipes
  • Circle of Light (2015, in progress)
    Duration: ca. 18 mins. SATB chorus, pitch pipes
  • Bock’s Animals (2013)
    Four songs on poems by Kristin Bock
    Duration: ca. 6 mins.
    bass., pno.

Large Ensemble:

  • Free Enterprise (2017)
    Duration: 8 mins.
    2 fl., 2 ob., 3 cl., 2 bsn., 4 hn., 3 tpt., 3 tbn., tba., timp., perc., strings
  • Moves (2016)
    Duration: 10 mins.
  • Verlorenlied (2012)
    Tone Poem for Wind Ensemble
    Duration: ca. 10 mins.
    2 fl. (1 dbl. picc.), 2 ob. (1 dbl. E.h.), 3 cl., b. cl., bsn., 2 alto sax., ten. sax., bari. sax., 4 hn., 3 tpt., 3 tbn., b. tbn., euph., tba., pno., 4 perc.


  • Right Brain/Left Brain (2015)
    Duration: variable. Max/MSP patch, Wiimote, TouchOSC
  • Cupcake Music (2014)
    Duration: variable. Pure Data patch + Reactivision.
    Four toy cupcakes and computer.
    World Premiere December 2013, Hayward, CA

Fixed Media:

  • Element of Blank (2016)
    Quadrophonic Fixed Media
    World Premiere May 8, 2016
    Composed for Texas Performing Arts Ears Eyes and Feet concert