“Got to Get the Nerve” by Field Music – for fans of early xtc. My favorite record of the year so far.

“The Fence Feels its Post” by Frog Eyes – sorry, I just can’t explain the complex brilliance of this band. It’s just chills from start to finish… passion from Victoria Island in British Columbia.

“Our Love Lives” by Impossible Shapes – absolute brilliance! every time one of these songs comes on, I freak out.

“Internal Crash” by Loquat – beautiful pop from sf!

“Melody 1” by Tera Melos – incredible instrumental avant indie stuff.

“Crushed Bones” by WHY? – yoni wolf is a hip-hop ray davies!

and speaking of ray davies:
“Dedicated Follower of Fashion” by The Kinks

And from the more recent past:
“Subterranean Homesick Alien” by Radiohead.

I recently listened to OK Computer again and was surprised to discover that I might well think it’s the best record ever made (and yes, that includes the untouchables: Sgt Peppers and Pet Sounds).

Happy Friday!! Have great weekends! And maybe go out this weekend and buy these records, so as to hear these amazing songs in their natural habitat. I’ll post more next Friday!