This is from 2009. A lovely, long interview with Leonard Cohen in his house in Montreal. The whole thing is really good, and the very end is pretty great. After the official interview ends, Jian Ghomeshi confesses that he has an incredible fear of death. Leonard says that if the preliminaries aren’t too unpleasant, he looks forward to it.


Recent musical discoveries and things

Lately I’ve been listening to three records:

Orchestre “Kanaga” de Mopti


An album by Rokia Traore:


and I found a box with every melodie composed by Francis Poulenc!

Here’s a performance of his song cycle Le Bestiaire, from poems by Apollinaire. The Carp is my favorite. So beautiful. It starts at 3:30:


poisson de la melancolie!

I am just discovering Hector Zazou. He did some recordings combining poetry and music which is why someone told me about him.

I lived in Nepal for a year, and this video really makes me miss it (even though Mumbai is pretty far from Kathmandu). The fact that the footage from Mumbai is interspersed with footage from the recording studio makes it even better, since the recording studio, with its long hours and all-consuming process, is a lot like its own country, too.




I’m grateful that I make music. Even after many years, I still love it more than anything that isn’t certain people.

I’m very lucky, and I should be more thankful. Thanks for listening to music, mine or anyone else’s!

It’s a bit of a fuzzy recording, but here’s Julius Katchen playing Brahms’ Intermezzo Op. 117 in Eb Major. It’s a good antidote to whatever ails you.


Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!