Arcane Fire Vol. 3

Imogen Heap Hide and Seek – one of those fascinating and frighteningly catchy pop songs… for everyone who thinks autotune and noise gating are cheating, check this out.

Tyrannosaurus Rex She Was Born To Be My Unicorn – oh, how I love Tyrannosaurus Rex. this song is full of weird magic.

Those Transatlantics Boys and Children, Sing for Summer – I don’t know if this record is even out yet. intelligent, orchestrated indie-pop from the midwest. look em up.

Euros Childs Circus Time – one of the most deeelightful songs I’ve heard in a while. I guess Pitchfork mentions it in a review, too, so maybe this one’s going to get some attention.

Spunkshine Jambic Reel – propulsive and kind of heavy groove stuff with sampled vocal bits. this was an indie submission that came in a few weeks ago.

Itals In a Dis Time – heard someone say they hate reggae the other day. I dare you to hate on this .three part vocals, joyous, with just enough grit to keep it feeling real…

One Ring Zero The Ghost of Rita Gonzalo – this is a song from an interesting project wherein well known writers write lyrics to pop songs. I’m not sure why people think that just because someone can write prose, he can write songs. It’s not as easy as it appears to be. but that’s kind of why it’s cool to listen to. This lyric was written by dave eggers.

Mozart Rottweiler Back Stabb’in Ma Ma – this is one of the oddest indie submissions we’ve received so far, and it somehow fascinates me. I don’t even know if that’s good or not. this is like rainy day women #73 or #96405… It’s from 1992 but it could be 1972. I like to think of them rehearsing.

Townes Van Zandt To Live is To Fly – “days up and down they come, like rain on a conga drum. Forget most remember some, but don’t turn none away.” “I’ll miss the system here, the bottom’s low and the treble’s clear, but it don’t pay to think too long on things you’ll leave behind.” “You’re soft as glass and I’m a gentle man, we’ve got the sky to talk about and the world to lie upon.” “we all got holes to fill, and them holes are all that’s real. some fall on you like a storm sometimes you dig your own.” hmm. let’s just say that this is some part of what people mean by “good lyrics.” if you’re not hip to townes, you’re not hip. happily, his records are easy to find. a must for all would-be song writers, and for everyone else as well.

The Stares From the Sky – a slow, lovely song replete with stunning strings. The Stares are a current, Seattle based band. so good. and I hear they are working on a new record right now.

The Id The Inner Sounds of the Id – ah, 1967! Spoken word, sitar. contains the initial incantation: “come, Id. Rise from the depths. The deep one. The one deep down inside now crawling slowly up the spine…” ok it’s not exactly leaving much to the imagination (how ironic). it starts like snake charming (kundalini is mentioned) and goes god knows where. priceless!!!

Skalpel 1958 – nice analog samples collaged into a sort of nu-jazz (but good!) electronica mashy mash!

Ron Sexsmith Summer Blowin Town – just a great, good old song. Ron Sexsmith is excellent, and I especially love this album (the self-titled one).

enjoy, and have great weekends,

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